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United States Embassy in Abuja: Nigeria

The history between Nigeria and USA about their relationship has some turmoil’s and ups and down. Recent days these have changed a lot. Those mining companies from USA and corrupted public administration in Nigeria are now far away from their previous situations. USA is now more interested in developing the work force in Nigeria but the unrest within Nigeria is getting the life hell for Nigerians.

On this present context, many Nigerians are trying to go to USA as from diversity visa lottery, other types of emigrant status and immigration under different skills category. Generally, it is perceived thru out Nigeria that getting US visa is quite difficult. But still people from Nigeria are traveling out side their country and moving to USA in great numbers.

No doubt, whoever have been successful to move to USA from Nigeria are fulfilling all the conditions from the United States Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria’s consular section. Misleading information on US visa can get you chances of getting American visa down enough. Learn more and correct from the United States Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.

Nigeria is known to have strong relations with the United States and therefore the United States has an embassy in Abuja and another consular office in Lagos to serve both Nigerians and American citizens present in Nigeria. There are certain regulations for people who intend to enter the United States Embassy in Abuja for any purpose. No weapons, cell phones or any other electronic devises are allowed to enter the embassy as well as large bags or suit cases.

Nigerians applying for visa renewals can make use of the drop box services, although submitting the documents in the drop box does not guarantee the renewal of the visa but it facilitates the process. The needed documents are the electronic visa application for, personal photos and valid passport for every applicant.

After submitting the documents, applicant will receive a ticket and then an interview with the consular officer will be scheduled. Americans are served through a separate consular section in the United States Embassy in Abuja and the consular office in Lagos

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