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United States Embassy in Accra: Ghana

United States of America is not like the same sovereign country Ghana. America is a federal state comprising from some fifty state countries. The ideology of USA is carried over some two hundred years. The country has two economical zones thru her map; the southern part of the USA is more agrarian while the northern part of USA holds the industrial belt.

The migration of population within this continent-like state happened from south to north. They hold a long history of racism and legitimate slavery in their country. Beyond land borders with Canada and Mexico, USA have two major shore areas on both side of it, the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Wider sea coastal line, industrial belt, ample of uncultivated areas made USA one of the most lucrative commercial and living place on earth.

It is obvious that this country will face big volumes of emigrants and immigrants from all over the world. To smoothen the functioning USA has established its consular and information sections on all most all countries of the world. United States Embassy in Accra, Ghana, is just one of them to help people from Ghana.

The physical presence of the united states government in Ghana is represented though the United States Embassy in Accra. The embassy is responsible for processing all the visa applications whether they are immigrant visa applications or non immigrant ones. Through the certain working hours of the embassy, Ghana citizens will have a specific schedule for them for dropping documents, scheduling an appointment for an interview with the consular officer.

After that accepted visa applicants will collect their viased passport the next working day. Please note that the visa is a permission to travel to the United States but the entry confirmation and the period of your stay will be determined by the immigration officer in the airport.

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