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United States Embassy in Algiers: Algeria

Algeria was a French colony which is now a sovereign state but has enormous importance of French culture and French majority dominance on all most all aspects of Algerians people’s life. However, the population of Algeria, which is Algerians, are more attracted to the USA lifestyle and culture.

As part of their attraction they have a great fascination about traveling, migrating and living in the USA. For all the Algerians interested in such staying or traveling to and from USA, have a complete set up operated and dedicated for their service.

United States Embassy in Algiers, Algeria is such a place where all the people who are going to USA, coming back from USA, American staying in Algeria and American wants to visit Algeria – meets. Any disputes arising from immigration or emigrational aspects can be put up here in United States Embassy in Algiers, Algeria for both the nationals Algerians and Americans.

North Africa is a very important region of the world that contains some countries that are always in the focus of current global events. Algeria is located on the North West corner of Africa along the Mediterranean cast. The United States Embassy in Algiers is serving the Algerian citizens and the American citizens as well.

The American citizens can make use of their own department of the consular section to perform many services like notary and birth / death reports. They can also find a list of translators who are able to translate English into Arabic or into the local dialect of Algeria.

The United States Embassy in Algiers also is concerned by the immigrant and non immigrant visas issued to Algerian citizens willing to travel to America. The applicants should schedule their appointment and bring all the required information to clarify their status.

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