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United States Embassy in Amman: Jordan

Jordan played a big role in hosting the Iraqi citizens during the last five years. The United States Embassy in Amman has a private section for the Iraqi citizens willing to travel to the United States through Jordan. Also the embassy has another section for Jordanian citizens willing to travel to the United States for visit purposes or for permanent immigration.

The third section of the United States Embassy in Amman is for the American citizens residing their either for a short visit or for a long one. The services offered ranges from passport issuance, passport renewal, reporting stolen passports to reporting death of American citizen, reporting births of American citizens and document notary.

The embassy offers its services for all people on appointment basis except in cases of emergency or humanitarian conditions. On your travel to USA after getting the US visa from the United States Embassy in Amman, Jordan you can visit the Disney land – the happiest amusement park on the world. Disney land is no ways near the size of Disney World.

Disney land doesn’t have the popularity level either. Almost everything is just the same as the other parks but you or your kids would never know. The amusement and theme park is still a fantastically good time. You will see some similar characters and some extremely different characters. That park has a magic castle and a Mickey hat house to match the world but there is barely anything different. EXCEPT prices, prices are unbeatable when you are traveling this far.

And when you have expensive accommodations and facilities you will not believe that this is probably the one thing that is cheaper then any of the other things you have done on your tour. You and your kids will have so much fun. Get the US visa from the United States Embassy in Amman, Jordan to make the US trip something utopian for your children.

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