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United States Embassy in Bamako: Mali

Think of yourself being an skilled left-handed driver. What would be the best place on earth that can give you extremely high money for your skills? Off course, the right destination for you would be United States of America. Citizens of USA do not prefer to do some jobs that they feel mere in nature and prefer to hire someone from other places to do the job for them.

This situation is now widely accepted and living truth about America. Yes, USA is one of the best place on earth where you can possibly sell your skills and hands on technical and regular works with high pay. If you are a Mali citizen looking into visit USA or planning to emigrate in USA, first hand you would need to certify your skills to its levels from professional bodies and get your skills accredited from local USA representation.

The United States Embassy in Bamako, Mali, would be the right place for you to get yourself prepared for the future in USA.The United States Embassy in Bamako can provide any Mali citizen who wishes to travel the United States for any purpose with various helpful information that can assist him/her to apply for a visa successfully. There are many types of visas determined by the United States law.

Every type has its own requirements and qualifications. You, visa applicant, can download these requirements online and acquire the forms needed for the visa application. After filling these forms, you should schedule an appointment for an interview. At the interview date, the visa applicant should appear in person.

Americans traveling to Mali for a long or a short time are advised to register at the United States Embassy in Bamako in order to be easily reached in cases of emergency. They can also make use of the full range of services offered by the embassy in the fields of notarization, birth abroad, medical assistance and legal assistance.

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