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United States Embassy in Bangkok: Thailand

Lincoln memorial lets us remember the old president Abraham Lincoln of USA. If you have plan for visiting and touring America, being a thai, Abraham Lincoln would hold a large place from your tour destinations. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States and was one of the most successful. Lincoln lead America through our most intense and crucial war known as the Civil War and also was a lawyer and was later assassinated at the end of the wars term.

There are so many spots in memory of the beloved president and they are mostly located in Illinois. Illinois was Abraham home state. There is a bridge that is in memory of the fellow and most popular is his memorial garden. This garden is located and owned by the big city of Springfield Illinois. This garden is probably the biggest you’ve ever heard of. The garden is of one hundred acres and very educational as well as sightseeing.

In the memorial garden you will see prayers and how much Lincoln was really cared for in life. This garden is only ran by 4 female and male along with one hundred and fifty volunteers daily. You can get more information and have unique traveling experience on USA once you get the visa from the United States Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. United States Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand is the place where you are only allowed to talk about your US visa being a tourist.

The American – Thai relation ship goes back to about two centuries. The United States Embassy in Bangkok offers its services for the Thai citizens intending to travel to the United States and wish to apply for a visa. The first step is to buy your pin which enables you to schedule an appointment for the interview with consular officer.

There are two kinds of pin. First is the web PIN where you pay 12 USD to get a PIN number that enables you to access the online website to find information about the visa and schedule an appointment for your interview. The web pin permits multiple accesses to the website till 90 days.

The second option is the live PIN; you pay 20 USD to get live assistance for visa information and appointment scheduling. Both PINs can be bought through the Thai post offices or via credit card. Americans living in Thailand can benefit from a full range of services that are offered by the United States Embassy in Bangkok.

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