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United States Embassy in Beijing: China

China, the largest population around the world and one of the oldest cultures in the world. In china there is several consulate office for the United States. The United States Embassy in Beijing is one of these offices. They can process the non immigrant visas with all its types but, they are unable to process the immigrant visas.

The immigration visas are applied for and interviewed in the consulate in Guangzhou. The non immigrant visa fees are 131 $ USD which is paid in advance and non refundable. The United States Embassy in Beijing offers most of its services to the American citizens on appointment basis except for cases of emergency or reporting death of an American citizen. For Chinese people visiting rushmore mountain can be a great destination after getting the US visa from the United States Embassy in Beijing, China.

Because Mount Rushmore is widely known of the presidential memorial. This mount includes president faces carved into concrete mountains. The presidential faces include; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Visas are mandatory in all American touring. The nearest city to this monument is Keystone, South Dakota. South Dakota is a cleaner than clean place that you would have zero worry result in.

South Dakota is very homely and may result in home like accommodations. Mount Rushmore is a total educational seeker. Rushmore is an educational spot because you can get a tour from the top and all around and you are about 5,800 feet above sea level so you may not want to go below.

About two million people come to tour and just take a peek yearly. Many come time after time to see if any changes have been made. Apply now for your visa by knowing more of the information about US visa from the United States Embassy in Beijing, China.

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