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United States Embassy in Berlin: Germany

Germany is a country of a very rich history, in politics, music and generally in literature. Berlin, the capital, was split into two halves by a wall to divide it into east and West Berlin. Nowadays travelers can see memorials of that wall after it was removed. As an American, you can go there without any need for prior appliance for a visa.

Considering that, your visit is for business or pleasure only, but if you intend to stay for work or any other purpose then you need to apply for a visa. German citizens benefits from the visa waiver program, which was signed by 34 countries and lately extended by another six countries, which can travel to the United States without a visa. The United States Embassy in Berlin provides full information about that issue.

The opening hours of the United States Embassy in Berlin is subjected to both holidays in the United States and Germany.There are numerous places that you can visit in America including the Lincoln Homes. The sixteenth president formally known as Abraham Lincoln was a great citizen to America. Abraham Lincoln got America through one of its toughest times.

Lincoln’s home that he left for presidency after seventeen years still stands today. And today it is made to be a national historic site. The national historic site is also a museum exhibit all about mister Abraham. Get the US visa from the United States Embassy in Berlin, Germany to visit the Lincoln Homes. United States Embassy in Berlin, Germany can help you with necessary information to making a travel to Lincoln homes as well as for getting US visa.

Not so many accommodations are close because his home was on privately owned areas and there are health facilities that was just for only the wealth at one time about one mile from his home. And there is no health scares in this area. Educational level in this museum is more for American citizens. But outsiders can also learn a lot about why he is so frequently talked about. This virtual museum exhibit is located in Illinois.

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