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United States Embassy in Bern: Switzerland

Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest bridge in America. This bridge is also known as the New York to Brooklyn Bridge. It is also one of the largest bridges in America. With one of the record breaking lengths of five thousand nine hundred and eighty nine feet long, this bridge is still going strong. This bridge is what connects Massachusetts, New York and Long Island.

This very delightful bridge has had seven one hundred and thirty fifth anniversaries. People from all across the world come to this bridge to just view or drive over it. Everything is perfectly safe in this particular area. This is not only a ordinary bridge it is a suspension bridge which means that it is the longest bridge held up by suspending wire in America.

This bridge is held over East River and took thirteen years to complete. You need to get an US visa from the United States Embassy in Bern, Switzerland to tour the Brooklyn bridge. The United States Embassy in Bern, Switzerland can also give you valuable advice and necessary information on your US tour plan.

Traveling to Switzerland is very simple for Americans who wish to spend a quick vacation or travelling for short business trips as Switzerland is one of the countries who are joined to the United States through the visa waiver program allowing Americans to enter it as well as Liechtenstein monarchy for short period (90 day or less) without any need for a visa.

American travelers are aware that the destination of the United States Embassy in Bern has changed into road Sulgeneckstrasse. On the other hand, the United States permits Swiss citizens to enter the United States for the same purposes and for the same period of time without the need for a visa on condition that the traveler holds an electronic passport. Swiss passport model”85” is no longer valid for travelling under the visa waiver program and requires a visa to enter the United States.

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