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United States Embassy in Colombo: Sri Lanka

With the highest literacy rate of the citizens, Sri Lanka has a growing number of people deeply interested about traveling in USA. Again, so many American are staying in Sri Lanka as part of their job requirement and specially, garments business.

The United States Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka serves both the purpose of American residing in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan people pursuing a travel plan to USA. The embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka have all sorts of visa information on different types of visa, visa requirement, eligibility, documents required, visa interview and work schedule and other services.

The task of an embassy office of any country is to represent the foreign office of their own countries and United States Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka is operating to its assigned tasks at full extent. These have helped all the US travel planners from Sri Lanka with each of their needs and requests.

Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is a developing city that is growing regularly to be one of the important cities in the region. The United States Embassy in Colombo urges the American citizens to register with the embassy’s warden massage program in order to be easily reached in case of emergency. The consular section offers its services to the Americans wishing to renew their passport, issue a new one, add extra pages, report a birth given, report a death of American citizen or notarize a document.

The Sri Lankan citizens planning to visit the United States should plan early for their visit, as the visa procedure could be a little more than you think. At the time of the interview, the applicant should appear by himself and not carrying any electronic devices. The applicant should show up 15 minutes earlier than the appointment date.

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