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United States Embassy in Copenhagen: Denmark

Denmark is yet another country that is spread thru two continents at a time, Europe and North America. The name and sovereignty of Denmark represents three territories like Faraoes Island, Denmark and Greenland. All of them are on the Scandinavian region with low population density and relatively rich people than any other parts of the globe with extremely high buying power and consumer habits.

Denmark is famous for their global recognition on most happiest people and best living place on earth. In either case, Danish people have a good drive of being globe trekker. For those globe trekker, United States Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark is a great place to get the supply of loads of information and services about and from America. You can even get the US embassy services in Danish language.

Language have strong influence on communication in these Scandinavian countries. Danish people are quite patriot to their country and generally do not show high intension of emigrating to another place like USA and this has helped United States Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark to process visa applications much quickly.

The United States Embassy in Copenhagen is one of the embassies that serve more than one country. It serves Danish citizens as well as citizens of island of green land and any foreign traveler who is staying in a legal form in Denmark. While the Danish citizens fall under the visa waiver program, the green land citizens still need to apply for a visa.

Meanwhile other countries’ citizens who do not have a proof for a legal stay in Denmark cannot apply for a visa for the United States, as they cannot show any ties to their home countries. They should consider applying for the visa through the embassy in their homeland countries.

The United States Embassy in Denmark has a separate consular department for Americans who are staying in Denmark, through which they can perform different services related to notarizing documents and registering newly born children.

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