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United States Embassy in Cotonou: Benin

United States Embassy in Cotonou, Benin is actively looking after the US interests in Benin and serving the multiple interests of local people. Think of you child’s education. If he got some good academic result in Benin, he would obviously be looking for some better educational destination for higher studies. And there is no other place on the world except America, which degrees are evaluated as most high standard all over the world.

So, he would definitely check the university entry requirements, scholarship details and seek more information on USA. But this would be very difficult for him to get some from USA and guide him in Benin. To make the work a lot easier and to deliver clearer information about the USA, United States Embassy in Cotonou, Benin is left as the best information sources on anything in and about America.

Various information is available and all related to USA, you and Benin. Just check for the details that you need most. Immigration to the United States for Beninese citizens should be carried out through the United States Embassy in Cotonou. You should first find out what visa type you should apply for. Then you should pay the fees and schedule an appointment to interview with an immigration officer.

Immigration interviews are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Nonimmigrant visa interviews are held on Thursdays only. Visas are collected on next Monday morning. The United States Embassy in Cotonou offers a list of services for United States citizens travelling to, residing in Benin like notarization of documents, or offering tax forms.

For the Beninese citizens there is a special help program, which includes offering small loans for school building and small community development activities. Non-immigrant visa applicants should appear by themselves at the appointment date and in case of delay, they have to reschedule another appointment for their interview.

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