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United States Embassy in Dhaka: Bangladesh

Go to USA for study, research, treatment, traveling and so, all you will need is simply to face the visa interview. A visa interview conducted by the United States Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh where you would be required to proof you will be returned to Bangladesh and you have no interest in Green Card unless otherwise you are a diversity visa winner.

Yes, you need to produce sufficient and great numbers of documents in your favor to clarify your purpose of visa, get a visa interview schedule booked. The red fort like building where the office of United States Embassy in Dhaka Bangladesh is, have immense influences on overall activities of Bangladesh.

They are controlling whoever Bangladeshi are intending to travel USA, what their purpose are, How they are getting the required finance, How far the scholarships are going to help the visa applicant, who is giving evident of financial support during travel and stay in USA and what the relationship the applicant and his sponsor holds.

There are lot of issues and concerns that you need to fulfill and commit while applying for US visa by the United States Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the United States Embassy in Dhaka assists the American citizens residing there by several means. First, the embassy offers a warden system that you can register in so you receive any further notices about any urgent issue that appears in the country.

The federal benefit unit enables the American citizens to collect their checks of social security through the embassy. In addition, the consular section offers the regular services of passport renewal, passport issuance, adding of extra visa pages to your passport, reporting births, deaths, and notarizing documents issued in Bangladesh in order to be used in the United States. The Bangladeshi citizens can apply for their visas through the United States Embassy in Dhaka. You should bring all the supporting documents with you to the interview in order to strengthen your position.

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