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United States Embassy in Islamabad: Pakistan

Pakistani people are very much attracted by the American culture and very much interested to travel or be settled in USA. For such aspiring Pakistani citizens, United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan is great source of all lawful information and services under direct guidance of US foreign department. Yet, it is bit difficult to get US visa.

But it is also easier to get US visa from the United States Embassy in Islamabad, as long you fulfill their requirements, produce sufficient documentary evidence in support of your travel purpose and off course a healthy bank statement. If these are not fitting you or representing you correctly, there are other categories for you, which you may consider to adopt.

For example, you can apply thru the diversity visa program, skilled work force exchange, treatment purpose and etc. Remember, whatever information you provide to the visa section of United States Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan you need them to be validated with evidences that are self-explanatory.

The United States Embassy in Islamabad provides its American citizens with a full range of services through the different consular sections of the embassy. The (ACS) American citizens’ services unit, the federal benefit unit and other sections concerned with the safety of the American in foreign countries. The regular services of passport issuance, consular report for birth abroad and death of American citizen are provided by the embassy too.

The Pakistani citizens willing to visit the United States should apply for a visa through the United States Embassy in Islamabad. The applicant should be aware of the security procedures that being undertaken during the interview or at the port of arrival in the United States. The applicant should comply and co- operates with the authorities to perform this procedure when requested from him by a NIS officer.

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