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United States Embassy in Istanbul: Turkey

Turkey is a country with long history of politics, social revolution, economic movement, cultural melting pot and religious uplift. The country is the door to Europe for Asians. For its so important geographic location and volumes of active engagement and operations across the border, Turkey is considered to be one important immigration check point for USA.

The United States Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey not only serves the Turkish people but also the living Americans in turkey. The United States Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey stand as an ideal place where any Turkish or Americans living Turkish can get all sorts of services, information on, about and for USA traveling, living and doing business etc.

The high quality of works from the labor-intensive industries of Turkey is another key consideration to manage the business relation by the United States Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey is the country where the east meets west; it is located in a very unique location in the conjunction of the European and Asian continents. The United States Embassy in Istanbul offers its services for the Americans on a walk – in basis where no appointment is required to process any request or perform any service.

The embassy services include but not limited to passport renewal service, birth registration, death registration, tax income forms and notaries services. For the Turkish citizens willing to travel to the United States temporarily for business or pleasure they could apply for a non-immigrant visa through the United States Embassy in Istanbul.

While those who wish to travel to the United States permanently are required to apply at the embassy office in Ankara for an immigration visa application. All the visa interviews are done on an appointment basis with no exception.

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