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United States Embassy in Luanda: Angola

Every people have a desire to go to America, either for the purpose of pursuing their studies or for treatment or to visit the tourist attractions. Whatever be your purpose, you need to face the visa interview and get the visa sealed on your passport to enter in USA. America being the dream country on the world has an excessive attraction that catches the full notion of people from other countries.

America got their professional administration spread thru their countryside and beyond their borders with active presence of their embassy on almost all parts of the world. These embassy aims into helping the mass interested to move or visit to America. For the people of Angola, the right place to get all these sorts of information and services is the United States Embassy in Luanda, Angola.

It is the same place where all the US nationals can, even, get their preferred services or information. A right place for communication for both the nationals is United States Embassy in Luanda, Angola. Many services are offered by the United States Embassy in Luanda. If you are a United States citizen then you can vote, issue a new passport or a birth certificate through the embassy.

If you are an Angolan or resident of Angola and intend to travel to the United States then you need to contact the United States Embassy in Luanda to apply for a non-immigrant visa. The visa application fees is nonrefundable 131 $ paid in advance, cash and in dollars. If you qualify for the non immigrant visa, you have to pay an additional visa issuance fee of 10 $.

As that Angola is not included in the visa waiver program then any visitor to the United States including diplomats and visitors on official visit have to get a visa. Applying for a nonimmigrant visa online and getting, an appointment is a main condition to have an interview with a consulate officer.

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