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United States Embassy in Melbourne: Australia

Australia is the only country that is in the same time is a continent by itself. For this unique character that Australia enjoys, the United States had sent a big us mission in this country there are several consulate offices located in the different regions of Australia. The United States Embassy in Melbourne assists the American citizens residing or traveling to Australia by offering them a lot of useful information about American and Australian custom regulations, also it provides a list of the consulate offices working all around Australia and its opening hours.

Australian are treated the same as British citizen when it comes to visa issuance. Both nationalities fall under the visa waiver program, this means that they can travel to America for a period less than 90 days without a visa, in case that they are traveling for business or pleasure. If traveling for any other reason then you should apply for a visa at the United States Embassy in Melbourne.

What and where you can visit in the USA after getting the US visa (only if you are planning more than a 90 days trip) from United States Embassy in Melbourne, Australia? A great place can be the USS memorial site. The USS memorial site is officially resting at Arizona, Hawaii. If you do not know, over one thousand and one hundred and seventy crewman lost their lives in nineteen forty one on the seventh day of December. Pearl Harbor was the result of this tragedy.

For tourism purpose and being Australian, getting US visa, even for a stay period more than 90 days, can be easier for any Australian from United States Embassy in Melbourne, Australia. Dwight Eisenhower was the president at the time and he was the beloved president that had this idea of a memorial monument for these crew members that had lost their lives serving our country.

There are three main sections of this one hundred and eighty four foot long structure that lies in the mid section of where the battle ships had been sunk. This structure is made out of marble and the names of the men are engraved on the walls. There are plenty health facilities and plenty accommodations.

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