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United States Embassy in Montevideo: Uruguay

American companies that have branches in Uruguay can send their employees to the United States through the special non immigrant business visa program. If you are an employee who is being sent by your company branch in Uruguay to attend a meeting or a practice session in the United States or any other similar purpose can apply at the United States Embassy in Montevideo on Tuesdays without prior appointment and apply for that type of visa.

You should bring an original copy of a letter from your company stating the purpose and date of the trip, your salary and signed by the human resource manager. It is advised that you get with you all the documentations that prove that you have strong ties to your country. If you succeed to convince the interviewer of your ties, you may be eligible to qualify for a full validity visa instead of the special visa.

American individuals who are residing in Uruguay can legalize their documents through the United States Embassy in Montevideo. Apart from these, you can visit America as a tourist. In Cincinnati Ohio there is a historical museum for every race to see. An underground railroad which is a pathway leading to another destination is located in Southern Ohio. An underground railroad is something that helped the slaves escape and be free from the beatings and killings.

The Museum is giving the opportunity for children and adults now days to experience and learn all about how hard it was in the days before us all. The building made to attribute to the beloved slaves cost about one hundred and then ten million dollars. The museum has been apart of Cincinnati since the year two thousand and four.

The museum is not just called the underground museum it is called the Underground Freedom center museum. Many things are accommodated to you as a tourist when you purchase your tickets. You will get a complimentary breakfast and lunch, a tour of the whole museum and a replica of an underground museum.

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