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United States Embassy in Mumbai: India

Being one of the biggest countries in the Asia and with a over population, US administration have two immigration checkpoints in India. One in New Delhi and another is in Mumbai. On consideration of traffic size for visa application both the office of US embassy are quite busy.

Apart from providing all correct information and services on visa processing, visa interview, travel to USA, treatment in USA etc United States Embassy in Mumbai, India also deals to represent USA actively in India. If you are a prospective candidate for any American university, or an applicant of researcher, a business man or so, you would have to undergo the screening and interview for visa by the United States Embassy in Mumbai, India.

It is already so widely proved the contribution of Indians on US soil. America needs some Indian active on all most all of their sectors to shine and maintain their economic super power position. Mumbai is one of the most important cities in India and is considered as one of the most important ports of India. The United States government appreciates that importance and had opened a United States Embassy in Mumbai.

The embassy is offering a full range of services to Americans who are visiting Mumbai for business or pleasure or are residing there permanently. Newly born children for American citizen parents could claim their American passport through the embassy if they are qualified for that.

American citizens may notarize documents through the United States Embassy in Mumbai in order to be used inside the United States. The federal benefit unit may assist the American citizens in benefiting from the social security benefits that is offered by the federal government.

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