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United States Embassy in Nassau: Bahamas

Bahamas islands are one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Life is fun in Bahamas and all the Bahamian people are full with vibrant and divergent colors, decorates themselves with flowers, white sandy sea beaches, blue and gem like sea, etc made these islands heaven on earth.

It is more obvious to apprehend on anybody’s part that Bahamians stay more to their countries than to roam across the border. But there flourishing and overly booked tourism industry have gave birth to a new affluent generation of people who are these days interested more in their capital to utilize outside bahama, keeping bahama still as a best tourist destination.

These new elite businessman are the frequent flyers to USA. And you will not believe the visa system for these guys. United States Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas has made USA visa something real funny. The rules and requirements are not so strict but you can easily get your USA visa stamped on your passport with much ease.

Bahamas citizens who would like to apply for a visa to visit the United States should first purchase a visa scratch card and acquire the PIN number; through that pin number they will be able to schedule an interview at the United States Embassy in Nassau. There is no other method to schedule an appointment other than the scratch card.

Americans planning for a visit to the beautiful Bahamas islands in the season of hurricanes (June to November) should register themselves at the United States Embassy in Nassau to facilitate the delivery of any urgent notices distributed by the embassy in case of crisis. You should plan your evacuation in case it is needed, ensure where you could go to avoid a hurricane and adequate amounts of food and water. On regular time the embassy offers its services for American citizens present in the Bahamas on walk in basis.

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