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United States Embassy in Prague: Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the most ancient cities in the world and especially in Middle Eastern Europe that has civilizations dating back to Neolithic age. USA have holds a preferential treatment to the newborn Czech republic and its citizens. However, the country is completely land locked with borders to the neighboring countries all around like Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia.

You will be completely dissolved in happiness to know the interesting preferential treatment for Czech people by USA. For example, the United States Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic, nowadays no longer requires applying for formal visa. Yes, under some foreign policy of the USA, they have taken away some conditions from the immigration aspects of Czech Republicans. America is all most free for them to visit, to travel, to do business, to get education, to take medication and etc.

United States Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic is very friendly and intimate with the Czech citizens. Affecting November 17th 2008, Czech republic citizens are not required to apply to the United States Embassy in Prague for issuance of a non immigrant visa instead, they will be required just to register with an electronic form to be able to travel immediately to the United States without a visa, as the Czech republic has entered the visa waiver program since that date.

However if the traveler intend to stay more than three months, then he or she is required to apply for a visa through the United States Embassy in Prague. As for the Americans visiting or living in the Czech republic, please be advised that you driving license is not valid for driving in Czech republic if your stay is 90 days or more. So, if you intend to stay more than this period then you have to issue an international driving license or apply for a local Czech Republic driving license.

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