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United States Embassy in Riyadh: Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the gulf region, area wise and political power wise. There are a large number of American citizens working inside Saudi Arabia either in civil positions or in military basis. For that reason the US mission to the Saudi Arabia is found in four major cities: Riyadh, Dhahran and Jeddah.

The United States Embassy in Riyadh is the biggest as Riyadh is the capital. It serves the American citizens’ interests as well as issuing visas for Saudi Arabian citizens willing to travel to America. Saudi Arabian travelers should comply with the US- VISIT program. The procedure begins with the interview and continues until the applicant enters the United States. If the INS officer directed you for further inspection, it is a normal procedure.

Most of the Saudi Arabians traveling frequently land on Washington in USA. In Washington you are able to take so many tours of so many places. Areas such as the pentagon memorial site and the presidential museum are what most people love to visit. You will never know what there is to do until you can look around for it. Entertainment is everywhere in Washington D.C.

You can find anywhere from settle restaurants to high class fun hoping restaurants safe for families to attend together. Visas are mandatory in all American touring. Get a visa from the United States Embassy in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and apply from there. If you are touring the State of Washington then you are probably in good and safe hands.

But if you are member of this state and capital then you would want to be cautious at al times. Water would not be a good thing to drink from the public but every other source of food and drink are fine. Health facilities are a bit slower then most but they are around. Generally Saudi Arabian people face fewer complexities in the United States Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, apart from the language hassle.

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