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United States Embassy in Rome: Italy

Italy is one of the most important Mediterranean countries and is one of the most important allies for the United States in the NATO. In addition to this, there are strong political and commercial relations between both countries. As a result, to all of this, the US mission in Italy consists of the United States Embassy in Rome and other consular offices in major cities like Lazio and Naples.

Also, Italian travelers who wish to travel to the United States for a shorter period than 90 days are not subjected to a visa but instead of that, they will be required to fill a form through the electronic system of travel authorization ESTA in order to travel to the United States territories. Some travel purposes like study or work may still require a visa.

Americans are served through the America citizen services department located in the United States Embassy in Rome. The services offered include birth/ death registry, marriage registry and passport services.
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There are no health freights in this area everything is all natural. Get to the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy to make your US trip. To have some fun and enjoy your US tour, getting visa from the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy would be a mere formalities.

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