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United States Embassy in Seoul: Korea

Beaches are ideal destinations in USA for any tourist from anywhere of the world. And Redondo beach is something really interesting and of special appeal. Being a south Korean you simply would need to fulfill some criteria and show some documentary evidences on your trip or tour to get the visa from the United States Embassy in Seoul, Korea.

But this beach comes first than the Miami’s? Redondo Beach is a spot that is not just a beach. Redondo is actually a city. This city is actually considered a beach city. Redondo is one out of only three of the beach cities in all of America. This Beached city is located in the south bay just minutes away from Los Angeles. If you are frequent tourist then you will know about the sandy beach of California. The sandy beach is also on the very strip of Redondo.

Redondo Beach of California also has a little secret that you may not know about. It is its very own private island beach that was made for more privacy. Privacy is not an option when you are visiting this beach. You will meet some of the most beach friendly people that you have ever met. But it gets loud at times. Redondo beach alone in the USA can give you real taste of being adult and traveling with a passport where the US visa is stamped by the United States Embassy in Seoul, Korea.

South Korean citizens intending to visit the United States or reside there permanently should apply for the visa matching their case at the us embassy in Seoul. The immigration visa is divided into several categories such as; immediate relative which you can apply for if you are wishing to joint an immediate relative living in the United States and holds the American nationality or a valid green card. The fiancé visa is for partners willing to marry in the United States.

The employment visa is for people of extra ordinary abilities and expertise or willing to invest a reasonable sum of money inside the United States. The non immigrant visa is applicable in case you are visiting the United States for a limited period of time for business or pleasure. American citizens can find some useful services through the United States Embassy in Seoul. They can notarize documents, report birth or death and issue passports through the embassy.

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