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United States Embassy in Tirana: Albania

Most of the people who decide or nurture a plan of studying in USA, plan it for their undergraduate levels. But studying in undergraduate level in the states is very difficult. You have the high tuition fees if you do not get a scholarship, extended degree tenure like four years at maximum, then living expenses are high and more importantly you will have to bear the medical and insurance expenses, which are quite higher than other countries.

So, before studying at undergraduate level, you better get all the information on US educational systems from a source that provides correct information and can set a direct link between you and your American university. Such a link provider role is played on regular basis by the United States Embassy in Tirana, Albania. United States Embassy in Tirana, Albania would be very correct place for all the peaceful Albanian’s to explore and dig their study related information.

Albania is a country full of history. It is situated in Asia but it is strongly connected to Europe. For American citizens travelling for Albania on business or pleasure, they can seek assistance from the United States Embassy in Tirana during the working days of the week (Monday through Thursday) from 2:00 to 4:00 pm where they can notarize documents, register their residence in Albania or register any newly born child for American parent.

Driving in Albania needs an international driving license and it is preferred to drive more than to Use the public transportation although the road quality and maintenance is poor. For Albanian citizens they can apply to the United States Embassy in Tirana for different types of visa. Normally there is an issuance fee for the non-immigrant visa equals to 131 US dollars. In certain cases, these fees are not required. Citizens should check with the embassy to see if they are required to pay these fees or not.

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