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United States Embassy in Toronto: Canada

United States Embassy in Toronto has a special unit called the American citizens services unit which is responsible for performing notary services, report of birth and death of American citizens, providing tax income forms and medical help for Americans in Canada.

Canadian citizens willing to travel to the United States on business or on holiday and they are travelling by air, they should be holding a Canadian passport and willing to stay less than 90 days or else they will be required to show an entry visa on their passport. If you are travelling by sea or crossing the border then you should hold an identification card and a valid driving license if your age is over 19.

If you are a minor or under 18 years old then you should bring your proof of being a Canadian citizen. Travelers possessing fruits, vegetables, weapons or explosives during their travel across the border may be sent to turn around and not enter the United States. If you do not comply with these conditions you have to apply for a visa through the United States Embassy in Toronto.

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You can also see moose and caribou. There are three different types of tour that you can educate and get active with. You can go on helicopter tours, a wildlife tour and a trail tour, they all last around twelve hours of your day. Get and know more information on the national park from the United States Embassy in Toronto, Canada.

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