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United States Embassy in Vienna: Austria

With their regal history dated back to the medieval, Vienna, Austria represents a rich and highly educated class of people. From nobel laureates to globally renounced industrialist or a global brand, Austrian people are every where leaving their distinguishable and dignifying signatures. Such a proud and great nation, have spread their footsteps on almost all important parts of the world.

USA for sure, if the purpose is to some sorts of improvisation, is one of them. Generally Austrian go directly to the United States Embassy in Vienna as they apparently have nominal understanding of English. And USA do not have much strict and control on their consular section for issuing visa to Austrians. Still, they have some bindings to fulfill some paper and documentation formalities, which they have to maintain as an “United States Embassy in Vienna, Austria”. Generally it is easier for Austrian to get US visa as Austrian economy is stronger than US economy by far.

Vienna is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and probably in the whole world. The United States Embassy in Vienna serves many nationalities including Americans, Austrians, Iranian and third country nationals wishing to travel to the United States.

Americans have a separate section that offers a lot services for US citizens resident in Austria temporally or permanently including passport renewal, birth registration, income tax forms and also getting benefits from different federal agencies like social security and veteran department.

Austrians who posses a machine - readable passport issued before October 25th 2005 or passport with electronic chip issued after November 2006 can make Use of the visa waiver program and can travel to the United States for a period not more than 90 days without the need of visa. They United States Embassy in Vienna can also process a visa of Iranian homeless applicants who possess a valid Austrian visa.

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